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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Photographing the Full Moon of December 17 / Tevet

I don't do much astrophotography, but on special nights, like the full moon rising, I can't resist dragging a camera to the Bird's Nest Lookout over Machtesh Ramon near where we live. I did this last night, and here are the results.

This female Ibex posed rock steady on a wall as I walked toward the edge of Machtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater) The Ibex frequently hang out near the crater's edge as they will descend the walls at sunset to sleep..

Same female Ibex. She gave me a nice long pose.

Ibex nose close-up. I never realized how much overbite they have.

Hurrying to the Birds' Nest I took time out to snap Har Gamal (Camel Mountain) in the west with the setting sun.

After the sun set, I took a few practice shots of Har Ardon, many miles away at the apex of the Machtesh's atrium wall.

The moon was late in rising, due to the low clouds at the horizon. Scheduled to rise at 5:00pm, I didn't sight it until 5:15pm. when this photo and the subsequent ones were taken.

The moon continues to rise into the gathering gloaming.

Lemon custard moon.
Finally, a photo of Machtesh Ramon near sunset, the day before, December 16. 

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