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Where to Stay

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Desert Shade Eco-Lodge - Bedouin-style tents and eco-lodges overlooking Machtesh Ramon. Specializing in unique lodging and tours of the Negev region.

Silent Arrow Desert Lodge - Authentic desert tent and camping experience. Close to the edge of the Machtesh and just outside town.

InnSense - Romantic boutique hotel and restaurant gastronomique.

Beresheet Hotel - One of Israel's newest and most luxurious hotels, built into the side of Machtesh Ramon. Part of the Isrotel luxury hotel chain.

Isrotel Ramon Inn (Pundak Ramon) - High quality chain hotel, indoor swimming pool and health club.

Club Ramon Hotel - Near the Machtesh, elevator.

Ramon Suites Hotel - New hotel near the Machtesh. Studios and suites; family oriented.

Succah Ba'Midbar - Rustic and cozy; no electricity or mobile phone service; in fact no phone service at all.

Har Hanegev Field School - A favorite with hikers, close to the Machtesh, out of town.

Youth Hostel of Mitzpe Ramon - Another hiker favorite, closest to the Machtesh, in town.

Zemmers/Bed and Breakfast


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