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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Partial Solar Eclipse Visible from Israel on November 3

A partial eclipse of the sun will be visible from Israel on Sunday, November 3, 2013. The moon will cover approximately 20% of the sun from Israel, with maximum eclipse reached at 4:00PM. The sun will be very low to the horizon then, just 8 degrees high in the sky and very close to sunset. So, you will need a very clear horizon to observe it. Viewers on the coast will have the best chance gazing out over the Mediterranean Sea. Do not use binoculars or telescopes unless you have special solar filters for them. Naked eye observers should be able to view the partially eclipsed sun just as they would a setting sun, but don't gaze for long unless you have a special naked-eye solar filter. Also be careful not to stare at the sun when it is higher in the sky as this could permanently damage your eyesight.

How the sun will look when viewed from Israel at 4:00PM on Sunday November 3, 2013. This will be maximum eclipse with the sun 20% covered by the moon. This will also be just 30 minutes before sunset, so the sun will be very close to the horizon. The partial eclipse begins at 3:13 when you will definitely need a solar filter to safely watch the sun.
The partial eclipse will also be visible along the east coast of the US, with maximum coverage at 9:00am. The sun will then be high enough to require a solar filter to observe.

For an excellent summary page for this event see here:

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Penumbral Eclipse of Moon Peaks at 2:50AM Israeli Time Tonight

On late Friday night October 19 at 2:50AM Israeli local time, a penumbral eclipse of the full moon will peak and be visible throughout the country. But don't get too excited. A penumbral eclipse is barely visible as a shading of the full moon's light, but a good one may cast a reddish glow across the moon. Unlike a total eclipse of the moon, which completely darkens its light, a penumbral eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the outer penumbral shadow of the earth, which is very dim. This leads to just a slight darkening or shading of the moon's light.

Go outside, if you're up that late, and let us know if you see any change in the moon's light then. In any case, you will know and observe the exactly full moon then, 180 degrees opposite the sun at 2:50AM!

A penumbral eclipse of the moon occurs when it passes through the outer, dim shadow of the earth on full moon night . It will be visible in Israel on late Friday night, October 19, at 2:50AM local Israeli time.


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