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Friday, October 18, 2013

Penumbral Eclipse of Moon Peaks at 2:50AM Israeli Time Tonight

On late Friday night October 19 at 2:50AM Israeli local time, a penumbral eclipse of the full moon will peak and be visible throughout the country. But don't get too excited. A penumbral eclipse is barely visible as a shading of the full moon's light, but a good one may cast a reddish glow across the moon. Unlike a total eclipse of the moon, which completely darkens its light, a penumbral eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the outer penumbral shadow of the earth, which is very dim. This leads to just a slight darkening or shading of the moon's light.

Go outside, if you're up that late, and let us know if you see any change in the moon's light then. In any case, you will know and observe the exactly full moon then, 180 degrees opposite the sun at 2:50AM!

A penumbral eclipse of the moon occurs when it passes through the outer, dim shadow of the earth on full moon night . It will be visible in Israel on late Friday night, October 19, at 2:50AM local Israeli time.

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