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Friday, May 27, 2022

Tau Herculids Meteor Storm Watch May 30-31

Star trippers! Keep an eye out the night of May 30-31, Monday night through Tuesday morning. A heretofore unseen stream of meteors may create a meteor STORM, not shower during which dozens of meterors per SECOND may pummel earth. Or not. No one knows for sure until the earth crosses the path of Comet SW3. The peak, if it occurs, is expected at 8:00am IDT the morning of May 31, during daylight hours. (1:00am EDT ON May 31 in the US). So the most favorable time to view in Israel is closest to dawn the morning of May 31, before dawn's light. Good luck to the world on this event!

More details here: Tau Herculids Meteor Storm

Monday, May 16, 2022

Supermoon and lunar eclipse create King Tides on Sea of Galilee

Tonight's Supermoon (full moon at perigee, closest to earth) combined with a lunar eclipse (sun and moon in exact conjunction) create King Tides on Yam Kinerret (Sea of Galilee).

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse in Israel May 16, 2022

Let's begin by saying the total lunar eclipse of May 15-16 is barely visible in Israel. The lunar eclipse in Israel begins just 14 minutes before the full moon sets. If you are in a high location looking westward you can see the beginnings of the eclipse with the moon very close to the western horizon starting at 5:27am in the early morning of May 16. The moon sets 14 minutes later at 5:41am. So just 14 minutes of a little slice of the moon eclipsed. You will need a perfectly clear western horizon and probably binoculars to view this.

Circumstances of the eclipse as seen from Jerusalem and an animation of it can be seen here: Lunar eclipse of May 16

Observers in the Americas, especially in the eastern US, will be able to see the entire eclipse starting at 9:32pm EDT on May 15.

Details for the US and rest of the world here: Details of lunar eclipse in US

Enjoy and share your experience and any photos with us. 


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