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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Total Lunar Eclipse in Israel May 16, 2022

Let's begin by saying the total lunar eclipse of May 15-16 is barely visible in Israel. The lunar eclipse in Israel begins just 14 minutes before the full moon sets. If you are in a high location looking westward you can see the beginnings of the eclipse with the moon very close to the western horizon starting at 5:27am in the early morning of May 16. The moon sets 14 minutes later at 5:41am. So just 14 minutes of a little slice of the moon eclipsed. You will need a perfectly clear western horizon and probably binoculars to view this.

Circumstances of the eclipse as seen from Jerusalem and an animation of it can be seen here: Lunar eclipse of May 16

Observers in the Americas, especially in the eastern US, will be able to see the entire eclipse starting at 9:32pm EDT on May 15.

Details for the US and rest of the world here: Details of lunar eclipse in US

Enjoy and share your experience and any photos with us. 

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