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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Israel Light Pollution Map

There actually is no Hebrew word for "light pollution". Perhaps that's why there is so much of it in Israel. Below is a light pollution map of the country which shows how saturated it is in light. The only place almost free of this modern blight is the central Negev, home to Mitzpe Ramon. To be sure we have our own share of light pollution from town and no less from the IDF's B"D Echad, the IDF's officer tarining school where a small athletic feld is lit like Yankee Stadium, even when no one uses it. Then there is the encroachment of light from the IDF's new facilities south of Beer Sheva. But the area around Mitzpeh Ramon is still some of the darkest in Israel and easy to get to once you are here. I drive just 7-10 minutes from the hotels around town to get to dark skies. So, this is why your next star tour should be in Mitzpeh Ramon - the darkest and clearest skies in Israel!

Israel and the Middle East, as seen from space. Mitzpe Ramon, in the geographic center of the Negev, excels in easy to reach dark skies. Come here for your next star gazing adventure!

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