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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Heads Up for the Quadrantids Meteor Shower on January 3rd-4th

English: Quadrantid meteor is bright enough to...Image via WikipediaThe new year begins with one of the best meteor showers of the year on the night of January 3rd and morning of January 4th. Last year we were out for the Quadrantids and it did not disappoint with counts of 40 or so meteors per hour after midnight. This year, the waning waxing gibbous moon will interfere with all but the brightest members until it sets around 3:00AM. After that the sky will be dark, although the meteor shower peak occurs during daylight hours in Israel, around 9:00AM. All you need is a dark site and warm clothes and blankets to observe. Meteor showers are best observed with the naked eye, so no optical aid is required. You can look anywhere in the sky, no one place or direction is favored over another, although usually looking straight up at the zenith lets you see the maximum amount of sky. Keep count over 15 minute intervals and let us know what your tally is, if you do go out to observe.

We are still getting over a horrible cough and chest infection, so we will be bundled warm inside to continue healing to do star tours this week. Good luck to those of you who do decide to try your luck and brave the cold and early hours.

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