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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paris Comes to Mitzpe Ramon

This mozi Shabbat we went up with the Katz family from Paris, France. It is two days from Pesach, so the moon was nearly full and quite bright, which combined with some haze, made for quite a bright sky. This is always a good object lesson in why the Indians never attacked the fort during the full of the moon.

Despite the bright sky we got to see all of the constellations and bright stars I wanted to get in. The winter stars are departing, being pushed aside by the stars of spring. We are sorry to see them go. They are the brightest of the sky and out favorite. However, the sky always presents something wonderful to see, no matter the season or time of night.

The nearly full moon and Saturn, were outstaning again tonight. We also got in the nice optical and physical double star, Alcor and Mizar, the Horse and Rider of Big Dipper fame.

A Happy and Kosher Pesach from Mitzpe Ramon to all and remember to Keep on Looking Up!

The Katz family from Paris, France, in front of Chez Eugene. Miriam was getting tired.

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