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Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Great Time was had by All

Tonight we went up with an old friend from Palo Alto, Yaakov Teplo-Phipps and his new wife, and their friend Amy. The Tepplo-Phipps have been on a 6 month round-the-world honey moon, now in Israel for a month. Pam taught Yaakov in gan when we were in Palo Alto, so we have really come full circle.

The temperature has dropped again, and a brisk wind was bearing down on us from the west, so it was quite cold on the observing plateau last night. Even I was cold, and the telescope shuddered in the gusts. The moon and Saturn were the stars, so to speak, of the evening.

Later on we went out with the entire staff of Chez Eugene, including Arnaud and his son Paul from Paris, as well as guests from Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. It's always good to have a real rocket scientist on a star gazing tour. The temperature had warmed up somewhat, but the wind had died down completely, making the temperature much more bearable. Saturn and Luna again stole the show, with the moon in my new binocular telescope eliciting a Mon Dieu! from one of the guests.

When it is this cold I sometimes don't get to take photos, because everyone rushes into their car to get warm at the end. And so it was on this occasion. Sorry, no photos to show.

But remember...Keep on looking up!

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