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Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Catch a Brief Warm Spell

Pleiades Star ClusterPleiades (Image via Wikipedia)A brief warming trend helped us welcome our guests from Chicago this week, the Cohans. It was during the full moon of December, so the sky and surrounding desert were still quite bright. But we still managed to get a "Wow" for the Pleiades star cluster, which is a winner any time of the month, and some good views of the Double Cluster and Jupiter. The brightest of all lunar craters, Archimedes, is my favorite during full moon, since it is an interesting shape and so much brighter than any other area through a telescope during full moon.

We were out long enough to watch the Big Dipper rise out of the horizon muck, it is not circumpolar from latitude 30 degrees N, and we got a good telescopic view of the triple star Alcor and Mizar at the bend of the handle.

The Cohans from Chicago

Keep looking up!

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