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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Succah in the Desert

Not far from Mitzpe Ramon is a rustic retreat where you can stay, isolated from civilization and all modern communications. It is called Succah Ba'Midbar (Hut in the Desert). It is located in a hidden valley just below the Wise Observatory.

Panoramic view of Succah Ba'Midbar

The buildings are all very rustic, built of succah materials. There is a central hut which has a home kitchen and large eating area, where guests are treated to home made meals. It is all very cozy and conducive to reflection and introspection. You can get cell phone reception if you climb one of the nearby hills; otherwise there is no telephone, TV, or Internet access.

Kitchen, dinning room, and common room of the Succah Ba'Midbar

Inside the dining room and common area

There are no electrical lights outside. Guests get kerosene lanterns to see at night, or else can use flashlights if they bring any. All electricity is generated via an array of solar panels. I don't know if the guests huts have electricity. I didn't think to ask. But without communications, who needs it anyway? Heat is provided by way of wood burning stoves.

Guest hut at Succah Ba'Midbar

One nice thing is that the Succah Ba'Midbar is located close to the Wise Observatory and our favorite viewing location above Mitzpe Ramon.

The Wise Observatory from a location near the Succah Ba'Midbar

For a different lodging experience you should give Succah Ba'Midbar a try. And don't forget to go observing with Astronomy Israel when you do!

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