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Friday, June 21, 2013

Supermoon of June 22-23

The full moon of June shines at 2:32PM on June 23, Israeli Local Time. So, it will be full as it rises that evening and look pretty much the same the previous evening, Saturday night. This moon is considered a "Supermoon" because it occurs at the moon's perihelion, it's closest approach to earth in its elliptical orbit. In fact it will be the closest approach for all of 2013. Although the moon will look somewhat larger and brighter because of this perigee full moon, you will probably detect nothing with your naked eye, since you have no other moon to compare it to.

In fact, the term "Supermoon" is of modern vintage, probably having been invented by a blogger looking to make up something newsworthy to write about. So, write about it I will. :) Nevertheless, a full moon is always a lovely site, so watch it rise in the east just after sunset, especially if you have a beautiful setting like Machtesh Ramon to watch it rise over.

Comparison of an average full moon with a supermoon.

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