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Thursday, February 7, 2013

We're Having a Heat Wave - NOT

That great Jewish song writer, Irving Berlin wrote this:

We're having a heat wave, 
A tropical heat wave, 
The temperature's rising, 
It isn't surprising, 
She certainly can can-can. 

She started a heat wave 
By letting her seat wave 
In such a way that 
The customers say that 
She certainly can can-can. 

Gee, her anatomy 
Makes the mercury 
Jump to ninety-three. 

We're having a heat wave, 
A tropical heat wave, 
The way that she moves 
That thermometer proves 
That she certainly can can-can.

But this does not describe this winter's weather in Mitzpe Ramon. Ever since the first day of Succot, even before we prayed for rain, rain has come pouring down with abundant clouds in the sky. I've had to cancel many a star tour due to cloudy weather. But we might as well share and enjoy one of the benefits of a stormy desert winter, the beautiful clouds that grace the skies around the Machtesh. So, here ya go:

Today's stormy sunset with the sun looking like a globe shining on an alien planet.

Alien planet sunset - actually Mitzpe Ramon, overlooking the Machtesh Ramon,, February 6, 2013.
Mares' Tail clouds of January, preceding stormy weather and rain.

Cumulonimbus clouds at sunset, above Machtesh Ramon.

A break in the clouds, but not the weather, above Machtesh Ramon, looking toward Shein Ramon, Ramon's Tooth ridge.

A clear full moon night in December, as the moon rises above Har Nimrod.

Peculiar clouds above Mitzpeh Ramon.

More Mares' Tail clouds, heralding rain, at sunset.

Fan of light, sunrise over Machtesh Ramon.
If you're looking for something to do in Mitzpe Ramon this winter, nothing beats a star tour, except cloud photography when it's stormy outside.

We're not Having a heat wave...A tropical heat wave...Remember to keep on lookin' up!

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