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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Seeing Venus in the Daylight

The planet Venus is so bright it can be seen in the daylight. But in order to see it you have to know exactly where to look. On Monday morning, March 1, the waning crescent moon, just 10% illuminated, will be just a few degrees north of Venus, making the planet easy to spot in binoculars. Once you've seen it in binoculars, you should be able to see it with your naked eye. It may help to hide the sun behind a tree or building to reduce its glare.

Chart courtesy of Sky and Telescope Magazine

At 9:00AM local time on the morning of March 1, the moon will be about 30 degrees above the horizon and just north and east of Venus. This will be well observed in Israel with the position of the moon relative to Venus at that time about 2/3rds of the way between "Dehli" and "London" in the diagram above, which is about 3 degrees above and to the left of Venus. You may need binoculars to see the moon, since it is very near to new. Venus should be an easy sight below and right. Let us know if you succeed.

And remember to Keep on looking up!

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