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Thursday, November 25, 2010

"A World So Full of Wonder and Grace..."

On this Thanksgiving Day, Astronomy Israel gives thanks for its friends in America and America its friend.

I was reading about this home planetarium, when I came across one of the most poignant reviews I have ever read that reminded me just how wonderful our universe is, and how simply glad and thankful it made me to be alive in it today:
i got this for a family member near death , with cancer. weak from his illness and having to stay in bed all the time. i thought that the celing was not to be the last thing he would see before leaving this world, a world so full of wonder and grace.
he loved it ,and used it until.......
"Two things cause wonder the more often we contemplate them: the starry sky above us and the moral law within us." -- Immanuel Kant

Defenceless under the night
Our world in stupor lies;
Yet, dotted everywhere,
Ironic points of light
Flash out wherever the Just
Exchange their messages:
May I, composed like them
Of Eros and of dust,
Beleaguered by the same
Negation and despair,
Show an affirming flame.
--W.H. Auden, "September 1, 1939"

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